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Where childern bloom and grow.

Teachers are volunteers. Training  is provided by Chinmaya Mission Houston.Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.
Through games, arts, crafts, stories, and other unique techniques, the Balvihar program teaches and reinforces spiritual and cultural values. The curriculum designed for all grade levels (Pre-KG through Grade 12) and toddlers is creative,dynamic and covers a wide range of topics.
Libarary and Book Stores will be OPEN ACCESS. Sloka and Bhajan Teachers- 1.Shanthi Ramesh 2.Kalpana Venkat

Bala Vihar Teachers

Subject Grade Duration Teachers 2020-2021 Curriculum
Sisuvihar0-4 YearUntil 4 years 1.Randeep Kohli
2.Abha Goyal
Sisuvihar introduces infants and toddlers to basic concepts that enable spiritual development through cultural education.
"Baby steps to Divinity"
The Alphabet SafariPre KG and KG1 year 1.Mamtha Ananth
2.Rahul Bukkarayasamudram
Instill values of Vedantic alphabets and pledge through animal stories, coloring and hands-on activities along with slogas and alphabet chanting.
Balaramayana11 year 1.Raji Menon
2.Ratish Gambhira
Inspire children and enhance their imagination through the events and stories of Srí Rama’s journey in Ramayana.
Sri Hanuman- The Super Super Man21 year 1.Tulasi Ponnapakkam
2.Mary Biswas
Learn from Hanumanjí the values like courage, strength, fearlessness, alertness, eloquence etc., as they are the vitamins that make our mental backbone straight and strong. Also learn Hanuman Chalisa chanting.
Balabhgavatham31 year Not Offered this year Through the stories of different avatars of Lord Vishnu, children learn to own up to their actions. They learn to ask for only what they need, and not necessarily what they desire. They learn GuruStotram and Dasavatar sloka.
Krishna Krishna Everywhere
My 24 Teachers
46 months
6 months
1.Udayan Menon
2.Hima Ravipati
To Encourage children to learn about sharing and self-discipline through the stories of Lord Krishna. (Slokas-Damodara stotram and Tapovanshatakam)
In this class children will learn to recognize and develop reverence for teachers throughout nature. (Gurustotram and Chinmaya Ashtakam)
Symbolism in Hinduism51 year 1.Susheela Vishwanathan
2.Jyothi Mallela
Explain the importance of symbols. The deities are symbols of the one Omnipresent Lord. These symbols teach us to live a life of harmony,fulfillment,and happiness. (Slokas on Ganesha, Shiva, Rama and Krishna)
India the Sacred Land6-71 year 1.Prasad Lakshmi Ravipati
2.Sandhya Sridharan
Energize children about the rich heritage of India. Saints and sages, our treasure, made this land sacred and contributed to its success.
P.O. Box Mr GOD6-9(Combined Group Class)1 year Not Offered this year Invite children to find the Omnipresent God and His address. Then they learn that each one of us is His address and we can find Him within us, if we learn to live a life of noble virtues.
Key to Success8-10(Combined Group Class)1 year 1.Palani Ponnapakkam
2.Sujatha Alapure
Challenge children to learn to achieve success in the world by living a life rich in values. Emphasize how a disciplined mind enjoys happiness and peace.
YatoDharma Tato Jayath8-10(Combined Group Class)1 year Not Offered this year Be victorious in life by following Dharma, is the main theme. The text dives deep into what is Dharma, how to live by Dharma, along with the story of Mahabharata. The goal of life and how we are the architect of our own future is explained through the Law of Karma.
Hindu Culture9-11(Combined Group Class)1 year 1.Rajesh Varadarajan Accomplish the goal of life by following the Hindu Sanskriti.Learn to live a stress free life by applying the message of Upanishads.
Bhagvad Gita10-11(Combined Group Class)1 year Not Offered this year Absorb the message of Gítë through flowcharts and other unique techniques, in a logical sequence. The text used in this class is “Holy Gíta “ by Swami Chinmayananda.
Self-Unfoldment11-12(Combined Group Class)1 year Not Offered this year Realize your inner potential and transform your life through the fundamentals of Vedanta.