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Curriculum Highlights

Each book is Grade based and consists of 40 chapters to be completed in one year. Classes are conducted year round ( Closed for long weekends only-Mardigras, Independence day, Labor day, Thanksgiving , Christmas and New Year weekend)
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PreKG, KG and Grade 1
kg The Alphabet Safari
Instill values like aspiration, brotherhood, cleanliness etc., through animal stories, coloring, and hands-on activities.
Grades 2-5
SuperHanuman Sri Hanuman, The Super Superman
Learn from Hanumānjī the values like courage, strength, fearlessness, alertness, eloquence etc., as they are the vitamins that make our mental backbone straight and strong.
Grades 6 and 7
pobox P. O. Box Mr. God
Invite children to find the Omnipresent God and His address. Then they learn that each one of us is His address and we can find Him within us, if we learn to live a life of noble virtues.
Grades 8 and above
yatoDarma Yato Dharma Tato Jayah
“Be victorious in life by following Dharma,” is the main theme. The text dives deep in to what is Dharma, how to live by Dharma, along with the story of Mahābhārata. The goal of life and how we are the architect of our own future is explained through the Law of Karma