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Open House: Every Sunday : 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM. For details please click here
(Now,Virtual Classes until further notice- Every Sunday from 10:30 AM till 12:40 PM)

Children are a major focus at Chinmaya Mission New Orleans(Bala Vihar).
The goal of bala vihar is to “wake up the sleeping giant” in our children and inspire them to reach their maximum potential by following the values expounded by saints and sages. Bala vihar is a place for children to bloom and grow. In bala vihar we help children to make the right choices in life, because it is these choices that will determine their future.
The bala vihar curriculum is based entirely on our scriptures. A team of specially trained, experienced, and dedicated teachers teach the bala vihar program. Through games, arts, crafts, stories, and other unique techniques, the bala vihar program imparts and reinforces spiritual and cultural values. The curriculum designed for all grade levels is creative and dynamic.